In Reply to Commentary Around the Web

A few weeks into this endeavor, I figured it would be good to give a "state of the LOLz" address. I've been reading *all* of the comments on this website, and many of the blog and news postings about this website around the corners of the web that I frequent, and I'd like to explain a few things a little more, because there seems to be confusion.

I think this posting on seems to wrap up a lot of the unease some people have about the whole idea of a site like this. Some specifics:

> "IMHO, Catholics should respect the saints. We should not joke about the saints."

I agree wholeheartedly! But I think I might say that we're not joking "about" the saints on this site... rather, we're joking "with" them. Obviously, everyone has a different temperment, but I'm almost one hundred percent sure that God wants us to be good-humored and happy by the time we get to Heaven. Which is why we should joke with the saints. And joke with Jesus. I can't believe that Jesus never laughed, since he shared in our humanity.

> "I just think for the most part…the LOL Saints are dumb. I tend to love humor, believe Jesus does, too. But these aren’t funny."

Okay, okay... can't please everyone, I guess. I think they're funny, though ;-)

> "What bothers me, and what (I think) makes some people find LOLSaints not funny, is that we’re mixing categories. LOLSpeak works with cats and other animals, and it might even work with children."

The comment from which the above quote is taken was probably one of the most helpful to me. (And, the only one with an actual name attached!). It's definitely something to ponder... but I really still can't see why this kind of humor shouldn't be applied to the saints. Even if it doesn't appeal to everyone.

> "Where the line is on any particular joke ‘working’ or ‘being irreverent’ comes down to the sense of humor of the individual encountering the joke."

Sounds reasonable to me! Whenever you do something not 100% 'by the book,' there's bound to be some push back... but you have to discern continually whether you've pushed the envelope too far. We don't want something crazy happening here!

Funny thing is, most of the people who comment negatively about this website seem to be Catholics. I'd like to hear more from Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, and other groups... what do you think?

This site is very clever and witty. I'm amazed at how many crazy pictures of the saints you've brought forth.

I like it and will continue to read it, but my personal feeling is that it would appeal to a broader audience and a much larger demographic of people if the words weren't text-speak. I, for one, don't get it much of the time, koz/cauz/kuz there can be many versions of phonetic words, which just makes it harder for non-texters to understand.

I just wish the words used were in plain English. Why don't you put it to a vote, or give it a try once in a while to see how your web audience would like that. I also think it would make your site more relevant for a longer time. The texting-words seem like a fad to me.


I will keep this in mind, but can't guarantee things will always be in plain English. Sometimes half the humor comes from a misspelling...

Seems to me that most of the humor is really about the styles of religious art anyway, so I have no problem with it. :)

Also, I think the whole texting-language is rather part of the point, and there is perhaps nothing bad about the younger, more texting-savvy crowd particularly enjoying the jokes...