LOLSaints' Privacy Policy

LOLSaints periodically collects information about site users (including what kind of computer and web browser you are using, as well as your computer's IP address), in order to help better serve you. We never share this information with third parties, and work to protect all user-submitted information. We may not be held responsible, however, if any of the information on our website is sent to a third party through a malicious act.

You may retain the copyright for any information you add to this website, but the information should be presumed to be visible to anyone on the Internet, including search engines and news aggregators.

In order to protect children, it is our policy to only allow those 13 years of age or older to register a new account and submit information to this website.

Basically, we want to provide you with a safe and friendly Internet experience, and will never give your information to a third party unless you specifically request it.