Beard Pull

Date: 3/3/2009
When God grabs your beard. Still Hurts - Jesus and Joseph

It still hurts when God pulls.

Jesus is just playing around with Joseph's beard. This painting depicts a scene that, in my opinion, is very moving, and beautiful: Joseph holding the infant Jesus. The infant Jesus is almost always seen with Mary, and, while that's a beautiful scene for veneration, I always wonder where Joseph was hanging around... maybe he was the one capturing the moment in all those Mary/Jesus pictures!

Saint Joseph is a man of few words, at least, according to the Bible. But he was also a man and a saint of great virtue. Probably the best 'family man' that ever existed besides Jesus himself!

Baby Jeezus say I can haz Huggie now or foster daddee gets baptized!

(I lover this pic too.  St Joseph's is my parish.  BTW, why is St Joseph so OLD in this picture?)

@Newguy40 - Well, St. Joseph is said to be a little bit older than Mary (that was the custom back in the day...), and he's often depicted in art as a relatively old man. In his 40s or 50s. Whether someone that old would have so many wrinkles and such white hair is definitely debatable!