For the Birds

Date: 8/13/2009
Pope Pius XII - Birds: Do your worst!

Go ahead; I darez ya!

Quick quiz question: what was one of only two proclamations that are considered by Catholics to be 'infallibly proclaimed ex cathedra' by the Pope?

Answer? The Assumption of Mary - proclaimed to be a doctrine of the Church by the man in the picture—Pope Pius XII.

This great Pope of the 20th century also did what he could to help Jews and Christians who were being persecuted by Hitler during the second world war, but often gets a bad rap from secular historians who (most often) have a vendetta against the Church. He also wrote forty-one encyclicals, and is in the process of being canonized a saint!


He looks like he is wearing sunglasses--could be from the Matrix!

sunglasses keep bird poop out of eyes.Also makes him look much cooler than, say, St Francis.

Aviators ftw!

Actually he looks like Cyrus from the movie "The Warriors" Caaaan yooou digggit?

Pope Pius XII is one of the greatest popes of the XX Century. "Where evil abounds, grace also." Grace CERTAINLY abounded in the Papacy.

Agreed! I recently read "Hitler, the War and the Pope" and it was amazing. Anyone who says that Pius XII aided Hitler, was sympathetic to the Nazi cause or didn't do anything to help the Jews is gravely misinformed!