Bombz of Wrath

Date: 5/18/2009
Sorry son, I can't hold this any longer.. drop the bombz of wrath!

This Thursday: Ascension. This Friday: wrath. (just kidding!)

Congratulations to SethJ, who won this month's capshun contest; his maze-money is on its way! Among the other notable entries (it was hard to pick this time... probably the hardest time yet!):

  • "Giant Holy Spirit poop - crushin ur cherubim" (by i7nvd)
    This one almost made it, but the idea of the Holy Spirit having to poop just isn't appetizing ;-)
  • "When ur finished... a little help plz?" ~Cherub (by mgeerling)
  • "oh man. We bof choz sizzers. Again. Rock. Paper. Sizzers. SHOOT!" (by PLS)
  • "Iz new sport: Bowlin 4 Salvashun" (by MJ)

As always, more posts to come this week... perhaps even something special for Thursday! (Even though the crazy Americans are celebrating Ascension on Sunday... even though it's explicitly "Ascension Thursday"... we'll celebrate it LOL-style on Thursday).