Can Haz Grill?

Date: 7/12/2009
Saint Lawrence - I can haz grill?

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Lawrence, the patron saint of burn victims.

A special sumpthin' for all of you today on the podcast side of things: since the LOLSaints guy is down in Springfield, MO for the Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America conference, and since that guy is always thinking of ways to get out of working on the podcast himself, the podcast for today was recorded on-the-spot, and the saint was chosen by one of the chaperones (who was interviewed at the Juanita K. Hammons Theater)!

Saint Lawrence was a saint we can appreciate, and here's the short of his story: He was a holy man who loved the Eucharist, loved Jesus (that's the same thing ;-), and had a healthy sense of humor.

Reportedly, he was sentenced to death by being burned on a gridiron. While on the grill, he said to his tormentors, "turn me over and take a bite; this side's done!"

Thus, he is the patron of comedians (maybe he should be the patron saint!) and anyone who grills good food.

The joke that got him put on the grill:

He was ordered to bring to the Roman Prefect all the riches of the Chruch. He gave away all the wealth to which he had access, and reported in accompanied by all the beggars, maimed, crippled, and poor he could gather, saying: These are the riches of the Church.

Thanks for sharing, Arkanabar! It's a good story, that—and a very fitting example of the holy but 'sly as a fox' humor exemplified by one of our early saints! :-)