Can Haz Lift?

Date: 8/15/2009
Many angels carrying Mary to heaven, Assumption

Call in the reinforcements!

We are sure that if it took that many angels to carry Mary to heaven it was because they all wanted to lend a hand--not because she was so heavy.

Many of our separated brethren doubt that Mary was assumed into heaven because it is not specifically mentioned in the bible.  Here is a little bit of the argument in defense of this doctrine of the Church:

The early Church prized the relics of early Christians.  However, no one claimed to have Mary's remains, which would have been prized above all others.  There is no historical reference to the relics of Mary or the place where her body lies.

In conclusion, let us turn to the wisdom of St. Robert Bellarmine.  Considering God's reverence towards an inanimate Ark, he asked a fitting question: "Who could believe that the ark of holiness, the dwelling of God, the temple of the Holy Spirit [i.e., Mary], crumbled into dust? I shudder at the very thought that the virginal flesh of which God was conceived and born, which nourished him and carried him should have turned to ashes or been given as food to worms."  

Happy feast day (for yesterday!) to all of you and thanks for warming our hearts with all these images and write-ups! From Bangkok

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