Contest Winner - R U listenen?

Date: 3/6/2009
Mary holding Jesus - Mama, r u listinin 2 me?

I iz talkin' to you!

Congratulations to our March Capshun Contest winner, wrightap, whose winning entry is depicted above.

There were a great deal of entries, and it was hard to choose just one. Here are some of the notable runners-up:

  • Mommy, snap out of it! (by Anonymous)
  • I iz Wizdom, Mom is gud Seet (by Baron Korf)
  • Itz Okee doekee momz... cuz I got z whole world in my handz (by joandrexel)
  • Plz... let thiz be hz last lekchur 2day! (by Maria)
  • Pweez, let me do juzt won widdle mirucul? (by Jamie)
  • mom! mommy! mama! Theotokos!! (by Juls)

Thanks again for all your entries! And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Mary is the mother of God—the 'Theotokos,' or 'God-bearer'—and was, I'm sure, happy to oblige her son in anything, including lectures ;-)

She is also the 'Seat of Wisdom,' since her son, the Eternal Wisdom, was born from her... and in this picture, she is most literally depicted in this way!