Corapi's Combat Boots

Date: 6/16/2009
Fr. John Corapi - Your Mama wears combat boots!

Dis iz reazon for Church militant!

Today's saint is... well... not quite canonized. In fact, he's still alive. But he's a member of the communion of saints, so that counts, right?

To those who aren't laughing at the caption, perhaps seeing it in full will help: Fr. John Corapi often uses the phrase, "We are at war with Evil, and your mama wears combat boots!"

Who is this 'mama' he's talking about? Is it Mary? Surely, she's our Queen and leader in the battles we fight daily. But no—it's not her to whom Fr. Corapi is referring. It's mother Church!

And how fitting! This powerhouse of a priest (living in our time!) has brought to light the fact that we, you and I, are the Church militant! We are fighting the good fight. We are in the thick of it; we are in the struggle! But you know what? We know that the end result is God's victory over evil, sin and death.

We just need some help. That's why God gave us the Church: to guide us, to lead us, to shine a light on the Scriptures, and to give a face to the spiritual reality that surrounds us.

Thank you, Father Corapi, for your spiritual insight today!

Listen to Father Corapi's conversion story on YouTube—you won't regret listening to it... if not only for hearing his voice!

oh my gosh, you are so right. I LOVE his voice. We watched his show on EWTN ...

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not a great fan of Fr Corapi but this is funny

I AM A GREAT CORAPI FAN & I love this!

I like another good line of his--"I'm not going to hell for you!"--regarding not informing people what sin is.