"Dumb Ox" Abuse

Date: 7/11/2009
St. Thomas Aquinas rendered in green and orange 70s design

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What a color combo!

Orange eyes?  Green hair?  Yikes!  This was one of many "interesting" renderings of our beloved saints in a book for children published in the 70s.

St. Thomas entered the Order of St. Dominic at the age of seventeen in spite of intense opposition from his family.  Some members of his family even resorted to send a prostitute to tempt him and break his constancy.  But Thomas persevered in his vocation and, as a reward for his fidelity, God conferred upon him the gift of perfect chastity, which has merited for him the title of "Angelic Doctor."

What a great saint to entrust our own purity and vocation to!  Like St. Thomas, let us "listen and listen" and "watch and watch" for the Lord and his will in our life, which becomes more and more of a challenge in our culture of constant noise and action.

[We used the word "berth" in our podcast! Nice! —Ed.

Iz not e-z bein' green!

Sadly, this looks all too much like the "folk art" or contemporary art I was subjected to in my grade school religion books back in the '70s.