Date: 7/28/2009
Your lack of surprise is disturbing... St. Thomas Aquinas Mosaic

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But his wisdom overcomes any disturbance in the force!

In the mosaic above, captured beautifully by Lawrence OP (A Dominican, to boot!), we see Saint Thomas Aquinas, scholar extraordinaire, and second to none in philosophical and theological elucidation... well, besides Jesus of course!

Known especially for his Summa Thelogiae (which can be read in its entirety online), Thomas systematically explained the faith using well-reasoned words line-by-line. Most Catholic scholars today (at least, most worth their salt), continue to ponder the many words of Thomas, and find ways to reformulate them (but preserve their truth and wisdom) in modern teaching.

St. Thomas Aquinas, to put it in modern terms, was a beast.

We studied his five thesis in College, and with an eclectic assortment of faiths it was a very interesting semester... good to see him around here! lol!