Findz Broken Nosez!

Date: 6/25/2009
Saint Anthony Findz Broken Nosez

Jesus healz my broken nose!

No stranger to LOLSaints, Anthony of Padua is holding Jesus because, well, he loved Jesus! And, according to our history of this saint, the Infant Jesus appeared to Saint Anthony in either Limousin (hmm... was it a stretch limo?) or near Padua.

As to why he has a bleeding nose... well, I'm not too sure why that's happening. Picture came from Catholic Home & Garden, but there was no explanation there, either.

Read more about Saint Anthony of Padua in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

I can haz Kleenex now, Baby Jeezus?


1 hanz 4 Jeezus and 1 hanz 4 Bible.  No hanz 4 wipe-ee noze joos (juice not jews.... :)


Devl iz tuff, but I only gotz bluddy noze. Thanx b to Christ 4 hazzen my bakc!