Fishin 4 the Lord

Date: 6/29/2009
Fishin 4 the Lord in dis Tabernacle

Ah... modern art.

If you can turn your eyes away from this most distracting fishy-alien-sunray thing for a few minutes, you can call yourself lucky! Seen at a retreat house, the tabernacle has so many different and odd textures that it's hard to make out quite what was going on!

But, luckily, we know that no matter what the vessel—no matter how dirty, how weird, how messed up the vessel is—the Lord remains pure and holy, shining through the grime and muck! And I'm not talking strictly of 'artistic' tabernacles here!

We must strive to make ourselves worthy vessels of the Lord, as we receive Him so often in the Eucharist. Do we truly value His sacrifice? Do we know what we are doing when we receive him in the Most Blessed Sacrament?

I remember that tabernacle.  Or, more precisely, I remember wanting to destroy that tabernacle (after reverently moving Jesus to another, more worthy location of course).

St Peter sez, fishin' for metal fishez not...

Fishin for menz.

Alas that this is far from the worst of the Terrible Tabernacles!!

Are those actually tabernacles?????? Yikes!

"Gimmie back that Filet-O-Fish, gimmie that fish..."