Gadget Arm!

Date: 4/20/2009
Jesus at the Last Supper - Gadget Arm

News Flash: Divine Mercy Extends to Great Lengths!

That is quite a reach across the table to Judas, but think of how far His Mercy extends to us sinners! Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him that very night, but He continued to treat him with the same love, kindness and compassion that He treated all His disciples with. That could explain why none of them guessed who would betray Jesus when He said one of them would.

I think John didn't guess who it was because he was sleeping, according to this image!


It's heartening to see Jesus having a playful game of "I've got ur nose" with Judas. I guess he was serious when he said "Unless you become like a child...."

I want to know what is that thing in the plate? Was Jesus eating gopher or something?

Good Question. Yuk!

I think it's supposed to be a Lamb. Not a white one, apparently.