Guess Who

Date: 6/12/2009
Jesus and eleven apostles on one side of table, Judas on other side by himself

"Now guys, just because I am sitting over here all by myself..." ~Judas Iscariot

In this coming Year of the Priest, let us look to the original Twelve. The fact that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus should be a reminder to us all that our priests, bishops and, yes, even the pope, are human and capable of being led astray by the devil.  

We should not allow the sins of individual members, even those in authority, lead us to believe that the Church herself is imperfect. The Holy Spirit will guide her and keep her free from error until Christ comes to take her unto Himself at His Second Coming.

That said, we should not forget to pray for our priests!

I can haz blak halow?

I love the pic! I didn't know this was to be the Year of the Priests.... thank you!

I no can haz nuttin. Iz in time out.