I Can Haz Pet?

Date: 7/9/2009
St. John the Baptist as a child with Lamb of God

He won't be any trouble... I promise!

Trouble is relative--Jesus (the Lamb) was seen by others as either the most loathsome troublemaker or the most peaceful man ever, depending on the state of their soul.  (Kind of like how certain courageous bishops are seen by others)

Tradition (with a lowercase "t") has it that St. Elizabeth and St. John fled to the desert to escape the wrath of Herod known as the massacre of the Holy Innocents.  In the desert, God cultivated his vocation as the precursor to Jesus, preaching repentance to all the people in preparation for the Word to enter their hearts.

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He followed me home.....

Therese Z

Jeezus sez, "Can I pleeze haz my clothes back? Tired of wearing bath towel all day long..."

Breaks my heart but . . .

God sez kill u and sprinkle blud on doorpost

Passover is a precursor to the Passion of the Lamb. The Agnus Dei was sacrificed, and His blood shed onto the Cross, which is the gateway to Heaven.

Think about it-- that is how far Jesus went to ensure that we could spend eternity with Him.

Many thumbs up for this one.

 Hopefully that is what we are, in our hearts, asking as well... especially after Holy Communion!