Iz My Year!

Date: 6/10/2009
Oh Boy! I was chosen to be the patron of priests - Saint Jean-Marie Vianney

Iz a good year to be a priest!

Already the patron saint of parish priests, Pope Benedict chose the Curé d'Ars as patron of the upcoming Year of the Priest. Saint John Vianney is a wonderful example for parish priests everywhere to emulate: he loved his faith, he practiced mortification (self-denial for stronger faith), and he increased the devotion of those surrounding him through promotion of the Sacrament of Confession and through his vibrant faith.

Like many other great priest-saints, Saint John Vianney spent many full days inside the confessional, practicing the ministry (ever so needed!) of forgiveness, and people came from all over the world to hear him preach.

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Not necessarily related to St Jean-Marie Vianney, I just wanted to say I've noticed that often Wikipedia entries about Sancti and Beati have been skewed by heretics, schismatics, apostates and/or infidels. Tread with caution.

The Catholic Encyclopedia over at www.newadvent.org is great for saints from before 1917 or so.

Ordo Prædicatorum.
Laudare, Benedicere, Prædicare.

We just wish the Catholic Encyclopedia had more recent saints, too... maybe someday it will be based on the newer Encyclopedia.

The 1917 version is in the public domain, which is why New Advent uses it. Copyrights have been made perpetual in these United States ever since Disney was first in danger of losing copyright protection of Mickey Mouse.

Fr. Vianney, we love you -- pray for us!

I'm so glad this year is the year of priests...We'll join in the prayers for the vocations.