Liturgical Jazz

Date: 4/15/2009
Liturgical Jazz... FAIL. - OCP Back Cover for Music Issue


Disclaimer: This posting is *not* meant to incite liturgical music wars. If you'd like to start spouting about problems in liturgy, this is not your forum. You've been warned ;-)

Congratulations to Colin Gormley, who just won himself a copy of Scott Hahn's "Hail, Holy Queen," and the Priestie Boyz' "Lost in Ecstasy" CD!

A few runners-up:

  • "Howz the heck do I playz dis thing?" – Jeffrey L. Miller
  • "Dis is why u don't eat de peeps b4 Mass" – Anonymous
  • "I said play da bluez!" – Richard the Deuce

lol. being in the youth choir for more than 3 years, it was a nostalgic delight to see this sight again. if i'm not mistaken, somewhere else on the cover, there is a mysterious man without feet, or something...just something weird like that.

OCP is famous for having rather... different... covers to their "Worship Aides." I remember this one from a few years ago. This year's is decent. Last year's was horrible.

The newest one is actually quite good (or, in lolspeak, "akshully qwite gud").


But yes, in the past, they have been radically odd, to say the least.