Martyr Needs Attention, PLZ!

Date: 2/13/2009
Peter of Verona - I can haz some medical attenshun please? k thanks!


Saint Peter of Verona was a 13th century Dominican friar who rose to acclaim preaching throughout Italy during his lifetime, mainly against the theology of the Cathars, called Manichaeism or dualism. He was killed by an assassin sent by Cathars on the road from Como (now a famous lakeside resort town) and Milan on 6 April 1252. In art he is frequently depicted with a hatchet or knife embedded in his skull, or the wound caused by such a blow; this is how the assassin attacked him. As he died, he recited the Apostles creed; sometimes in works of art he is writing out the first line "I believe in one God" (the antithesis of Manichaeism) in the dirt as he is attacked.

I just added your site to my favorite list. It is very funny without being disrespectful to the saints.

@ Theophilus - thanks for the favorite!