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Date: 11/14/2009
Monk with a Huge Book

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Waaay back in the days when the Internet was only a thought in God's mind, society had no printing presses or copy machines. In order to promulgate writings, or the Bible, or any printed word, the books/writing had to be hand-copied over and over.

Often, modern (nay, I would say 'ignorant') folks accuse the Church of 'holding back' the Scriptures and other writings from the faithful. They ask, "Why didn't the Church give everyone a copy of the Bible, and of these other books, and why weren't they all in the language of the people?"

Well, here's a little question for naysayers: Do you think it's easy to transcribe the entire Bible? How about transcribing it hundreds of times, while translating it into every known language on earth??

I'd say the Church did a pretty good job in preserving the texts through the thousands of dedicated scribes and illuminators, who used every bit of their God-given talent and energy to copy these sacred works! It's wonderful, of course, that modern technology has opened the scriptures to even more members of the faithful... but don't forget that the printing press is a relatively modern invention!