Painted by God...

Date: 12/12/2010
Iz painted by god ... rly! (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

This is a powerful image!

Our Lady's appearance to St. Juan Diego sparked the conversion of more than nine million Mexican Indians to the Catholic Faith.  The symbolism contained in the miraculous image is so rich that it's difficult to sum up.  You can read about some of it here, where it reads (in part):  

"...The aureole or luminous light surrounding the Lady is reminiscent of the "woman clothed with the sun" of Rev. 12:1. The light is also a sign of the power of God who has sanctified and blessed the one who appears. The rays of the sun would also be

recognized by the native people as a symbol of their highest god, Huitzilopochtli. Thus, the lady comes forth hiding but not extinguishing the power of the sun. She is now going to announce the God who is greater than their sun god.

The Lady is standing upon the moon. Again, the symbolism is that of the woman of Rev. 12:1 who has the "moon under her feet". The moon for the Meso-Americans was the god of the night. By standing on the moon, she shows that she is more powerful than the god of darkness. However, in Christian iconography the crescent moon under the Madonna’s feet is usually a symbol of her per- petual virginity, and sometimes it can refer to her Immaculate Conception or Assumption.

The eyes of Our lady of Guadalupe are looking down with humility and compassion. This was a sign to the native people that she was not a god since in their iconography the gods stare straight ahead with their eyes wide open. ..."

During a visit to Mexico earlier this year, Sec. State Hillary Clinton asked who painted the image on the nearly-500-year-old tilma, which is made of cactus fibers.

The feast day for Our Lady of Guadalupe is December 12.  She is the patroness of, among other things, all of The Americas.

At one point someone tried to destroy with a bomb.

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