Side Show Baptism

Date: 11/1/2009
Jesus' Baptism with John and Animals

Happy All Saints Day!

To celebrate all the saints, we're not doing anything particularly distinctive. Rather, we hope you go to Mass, enjoy receiving the Eucharistic Lord, and then hang out with your family for a while ;-)

About our Lord's Baptism:

“Therefore the Lord Jesus came to baptism, and willed to have his body washed with water. Perhaps some one will say: “He who is holy, why did he wish to be baptized?” Pay attention therefore! Christ is baptized, not that he may be sanctified in the waters, but that he himself may sanctify the waters, and by his own purification may purify those streams which he touches. For the consecration of Christ is the greater consecration of another element.

For when the Savior is washed, then already for our baptism all water is cleansed and the fount purified, that the grace of the laver may be administered to the peoples that come after. Christ therefore takes the lead in baptism, so that Christian peoples may follow after him with confidence.

Source/More Reading: Catholic Online reflection