Votive Fail

Date: 7/16/2009
Obama's head on St. Martin de Porres body votive candle

And some people think that St. Josemaria Escriva had a speedy canonization...

This votive, being sold at a novelty store in California, has President Obama's head on the body of St. Martin dePorres.  Poor St. Martin.  

We really do hope that Obama becomes a saint--after a major conversion! Speaking of conversions and Obama, check out convertobama.com and pledge a sacrifice to help a brother out.  Like Jesus said, some demons can only be cast out with prayer and fasting!

O_o Kinda disturbing... then again, the "covertobama" website seems pretty odd as well, not that it isn't a good cause... but still weird...


Blaspheming -- You're doing it right!