Water Bombz [Updated]

Date: 7/2/2009
Touch the Waterz... I darez ya! Holy Water Font

Umm... what can I say?

[Update:] Check out this image and more insane Church art at the Crescat.

Not much. Maybe the word 'ridiculous'? That's about all I can come up with here.

Anyone else have some, er... shall we say, interesting Church art? Go ahead and submit it using the Submit a Saint form, and tag it with the saints "church" and "art" - let's see what we can come up with!

 Wow.  I can't even make out any vague religious symbolism in that "artwork" adorning the holy water font.


It's the "Venus fly trap" of holy water fonts!

Looks like it could be a relative of the "Watcher in the Water" in Lord of the Rings!

Looks like someone's metal rosary exploded.

Ah, more retreat memories.  Do you have more pics of this monstros...I mean... chapel?

@willguy... we shall see!

Looks like a great place to baptize Swamp Thing, if he (it?) ever received the Good News.

that is so sad.