Building Feast

Date: 11/9/2011
St. John Lateran - I get my own feast day

I'm also the Pope's basilica!

How many other churches can be called a 'home parish to all Catholics'? St. John Lateran is a church that has been built and rebuilt over the centuries, starting in the 4th century, and under the altar is the wood table said to have been used as an altar by Peter himself!

You can find some great pictures of St. John Lateran Basilica in Rome here.

St John Lateran is actually the Pope's Cathedral and St Peter's is his Basilica.

The Pope doesn't "have" a basilica.

Actually, "basilica" is an honorary title based on historical importance and the like. It has no jurisdictional meaning. Some Cathedrals are "basilicas" and some "basilicas" are not Cathedrals. St Louis has two basilicas and only one is the archbishop's Cathedral.