Martha, Slayer of Dragons

Date: 5/31/2011
Saint Martha slaying the dragon

It hurtz da mouth!

The Golden Legend tells that Martha, with her sister Mary and brother Lazarus, travelled as missionaries to Marseilles, where in the nearby area of Nerluc, a dragon called the Tarasque terrified anyone who came near the river. St. Martha confronted the Tarasque, made the sign of the cross over it, which paralyzed the beast allowing the villagers to slay it.

"Put the handle back" is a parody of "put the candle back", from Young Frankenstein.  :)

Unfortunately, due to the great spam user purge of 2011, the original author of this image/post is no longer active on - does anyone know who submitted this (extremely funny) image?

That was me, East of Nowhere a.k.a. Jared B.
(Managed to hold onto my account too :)

I submitted this one a while ago -- thought for sure it was rejected!

Fixed, and thanks! This was too funny to reject :-)

I love Martha's facial expression... she's like, "Oh, just another day stabbing the devil with a huge spear..."

This is actually St. Margaret of Antioch.