Mary the babysitter

Date: 1/29/2011
Mary wonders when Elizabeth will return

Boys can be boisterous!

In this depiction of the Blessed Virgin, she is shown watching both her son (Jesus) and John the Baptist (at a very young age). She seems to be saying "boy, oh boy, these two are a handful!"

Plus, think what it would be like having to explain to your son that it's not normal to eat locusts and other bugs!

The relationship of John and Jesus is rarely explored, but it seems like a good idea—they were cousins, and Jesus and John must've hung out every now and then. I'm guessing that their mothers were also pretty close friends!

anonymous wonders... when will lolSaints get back?

lolsaints sez... NOW! :D

Check the front page... there are more in store, but they'll be less frequent than in past times. More like one a week or so.