And God Spaketh, Saying...

Date: 1/24/2009

You Can Haz Wings - God

And God spoke, saying, "YOU CAN HAZ WINGS!"

Apparently you can also have eyeballs all over those wings!

In this depiction of God and St. Michael (just under God), we can see some of the glory and awe found in Heaven. God is found wearing priestly vestments, and St. Michael (the defender of the Heavens) is seen with a flaming sword and a shield that reads "Quis ut Deus," which refers to the meaning of the name Michael—"Who is like God."

Surrounding them are many angels with many eyeballs stuck in their wings, always watching. The eyes represent two things: God's watchfulness, and the fact that "every eye will see" the Lord coming in the clouds (referring to Revelation 1:7).

That was worth a good laugh or two. Looking forward to whatever else you have to offer - keep up the good work!

Oh, and can I haz wings too?

Ha, I just came across this site from the link on

This is great, I have subscribed to the RSS! I look forward to more saintly laughs. :)


That wouldn't happen to be from the New Cathedral in St. Louis would it?

Yeah, that's from St. Louis.