Rook Takes Pawn

Date: 2/3/2009

Rook Takes Pawn - Saint Barbara

Pawn is p0wned!

As the story goes, Saint Barbara (pictured above) was kept locked up in a tower by her father to preserve her from the world until he was ready for her arranged marriage to take place. But Barbara had converted to Christianity in her father's absence and vowed herself a virgin. As a sign of this conversion, had three windows placed in the tower she was living in (which she's holding in the image above) instead of the two her father had ordered, in order to symbolize the Trinity.

Her father was angered at her conversion, so he tried killing her. But she somehow escaped, only to be captured by a provincial prefect and tortured because of her faith. Barbara stayed true to the faith, and was cured miraculously of all the injuries done her.

In the end her father beheaded her (he must've been quite angry indeed!), but he was eventually struck dead by lightning. As we all know, though, good wins out... and the rook (Barbara) stands above the pawn (her father)!

The pawn got pwned.

ruck pwns pawn