Baldz Spotz

Date: 2/6/2009

LOL Tonsure

Good fer mi readingz!

Fra Angelico painting, showing Saint Dominicus reading the Holy Scripture and meditating.

The word Tonsure comes from the Latin tondere, "to shear" and was given to men receiving clerical orders.  Among the Greeks and Romans such a custom was a badge of slavery. On this very account, the shaving of the head was adopted by the monks. Towards the end of the fifth, or beginning of the sixth, century, the custom passed over to the secular clergy.

Catholic Encylopedia

Little star ligths my book

How about...

"Lord Dear, I can haz toupee?"

Dear Lord,
My head is cold, I have a hood, but I want to make this sacrifice for you so I'll just keep reading with this cold bald head exposed and try not to think about it too much. Amen.

I need practice at getting these shorter, don't I.

@ Nancy C. Brown: lol, yes, shorter usually is nice :-)

But your joke is appreciated!

Ur star iz tikling mah halo!

tha goodbook rily crax me up!