Date: 2/8/2009

Cake Fail - First Communion

Mommy, what happened to my First Communion cake?

Well, this isn't really a saint, but it's funny. Basically, someone decided to lift the cake from the cover rather than the cardboard base. The bottom fell out, and the cake was falling, but it was rescued in time for a few slices to be saved. In this case, my uncle caught the cake right in the middle, and maneuvered his other hand around to the bottom so the cake didn't slide off onto the floor.

This post reminds me: Check out the Cake Wrecks blog. You won't be disappointed—I guarantee it!

Anyone else have a similar cake fail? Here at LOLSaints, we don't focus solely on the saints; anything having to do with the faith is appreciated.

Should the flowers really be... well... "crossing out" the Cross?

maybe they're "ticking" the cross!
as in, making a tick. like a √

@ Anonymous: Hmm... good point. Besides the fact that only three of the flowers seem to really have detail!

When I was in Dayton, I met a few teachers from our school in San Juan. They went to visit a brother whose health was failing. They were nearly weepy (not the good way) until the birthday cake they bought for him fell. So not always is this bad.

came across your website via the paulist press daily news release. you hit the big time. it is good to see your sense of humor being put to good use.
Dr M

@ Dr. M: Thanks! I'm glad to share. Hope to see you soon!

Those flowers have a heck of a lot of detail to them :)