Ur Playin' Battleship!

Date: 2/20/2009

Saint Catherine of Sienna - Battleship Church

You play it like this!

Pictured above is one of many, many icons of Saint Catherine of Sienna, a mystic who lived during the 14th century and was a very hard worker in the Church, especially under the direction of Pope Urban VI.

In the image above, she is holding a boat, which is a symbol for the Church; we are all 'on board' in the Church, and if you're not part of the Church, you'll get caught in the flood of sin and death (referring to how those who weren't in Noah's ark were caught in the great flood). Thus we have the "nave" of the Church (the area where all the faithful sit)!

Read tons more about this wonderful saint on Catholic Encyclopedia, and view more symbolism surrounding Catherine on the St. Catherine Medal website.

To make this truly "LOL" the wording should be


ur playin it wrong


That's part of the fun!

Therese Z

@ Therese Z - might do that... but can't right now :-)

LOLsaints would do well to discourage phonetic spelling in order to attract a wider readership (deliberate pun).

@ jedesto - lol! I haz no reezun to doo wut u say.

Therese is right, but it should be:

ur doin it rong"

kk... it's all fixed now.

Dis is fer youz guys