Eat Up!

Date: 2/25/2009

Here comes the airplane!

Open your mouth!

St. Mary of Egypt, after living as a prostitute, had a powerful conversion and headed for the desert.  During her 47th year alone in the desert, she met a monk named Zosimus who was spending Lent in the desert. After they talked and prayed together, Mary asked Zosimus to meet her at the Jordan on Holy Thursday of the following year, and to bring Jesus (the Blessed Sacrament) along.  When Zosimus arrived at the Jordan, Mary walked across the river (miracle style - on top) and received the Blessed Sacrament.  A year later, Zosimus went to the place they had met and found Mary's body along with a note in the ground asking Zosimus to bury her.  So he did: with the help of a lion that was hanging out nearby.

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no worriez...u kan eat, porridge iz not hawt no morez