Iz Not Pincushion!

Date: 3/1/2009

Iz Dat All U Got - Saint Sebastian

Bring it on!

Saint Sebastian, as the story goes, was a Christian in the Roman army. When his faith was discovered, he was condemned to die. He was tied to a post and shot with arrows by his fellow soldiers. Irene of Rome went to bury his body, but found that he was still alive and nursed him back to health. He then found the Emperor Diocletian and denounced him. The Emperor had him beaten to death.

Sebastian was a great witness to the faith during a time in the Church when many were persecuted and killed. May we have the courage and strength of Sebastian in trying times!

I love that St. Sebastian is now the patron of archers. The Church truly has a sense of humor.

"Stop!! Arrow iz tickling me!"

My kids all shoot archery and they all carry St. Sebastian medals in their bow cases. They find St. Sebastian to be pretty cool.