"Model" Church

Date: 3/2/2009

Model Church - Saint Norbert

I thought it wud be bigger...?

The above picture depicts a rather confused Saint Norbert, and was taken at Saint Norbert's parish in Florissant, MO. Saint Norbert lived during an interesting time in the Church, and he himself had an interesting story. Early in life, Norbert did as he pleased, and didn't think of anything but personal gain. He had a conversion experience, and decided it would be a good idea to give up his old ways and put on a new self.

He became a beggar for Christ, and gave everything he owned to the poor. He set up a religious community that was known for it's poverty and religious fervor. He was made Bishop of Magdeburg, where he courageously set about correcting some flaws in the local Church, and also worked to mend the rift in the Church due to problems with Papal and civil authority. After all these things, and many miraculous encounters, he died in 1134.

More on his story: Catholic Encyclopedia.

...model zteepl;
Open z door
n z all z peepl.

jedesto - I would have to say, "Open z doorz, n seez all da peepuls."

Of course, this is just one of many semantic LOLzlations.

...er, LOLzlutions?

iZ n0t d0llhouse...iz Jesusz house

TheSt Norbert Church For People Who Can't Pray Good And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

What is this, a church for ants?  How are the people supposed to pray if they can't get in the building?  It has to be at least three times bigger.

@willguy: Maybe the *Saint* is the one who's out of proportion here. Maybe he's a giant!