Saint Patty's Day

Date: 3/17/2009

Saint Patrick's Day - Snakes Do what I Say

It's Saint Patrick's Day. What other saint could we possibly feature?

Saint Patrick was a pretty awesome guy. Not only did he help convert the land of Ireland to the Catholic faith, he also got all the snakes to slither themselves into the ocean.

Saint Patrick was born into a noble Roman family in Scotland in 387, but was kidnapped and sold as a slave by some Irish thugs. He tended some sheep for a few years, during which he prayed in the fields and learned the Celtic tongue and Druid ways (which he would later preach against). He fled and was able to escape back to Britain, and became a priest and friend of Saint Germain.

He was sent back to Ireland to be a shepherd of the Irish people's souls, and convert them from their pagan ways to Christianity. In this task, Patrick thrived, and even performed some miracles to help show the Celts the power of God. There's a whole lot more to this great saint's story, and if you have any Irish blood in you, it would do you well to learn it word-for-word. Check out Catholic Encyclopedia for the full scoop.

The picture above depicts Patrick's miraculous driving out of snakes from the Irish lands. Whether or not he actually told some serpents to flee the mainland is up for debate; what might be meant by the driving out of the snakes is the fact that Patrick helped drive out Druidism from Ireland.

Today's photo credit goes to American Papist.

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