Nice Hat

Date: 3/29/2009

Not basket - iz hat - Saint Spyridon

Seriously, do I have to wear this thing?

Saint Spyridon was born at the end of the third century A.D. in Cyprus, and island in the Mediterranean Sea. He was an uneducated shepherd with a wife and children and an immense love and faith in God. After the death of his wife, he was made Bishop and spent the remainder of his life giving pastoral care and performing charitable acts.

Of the many miracles he performed, his greatest was to prove the existence of the Holy Trinity at the First Synod in 325 A.D. In his hand, he held a ceramic roof tile and squeezed it. The tile separated into the three elements that forged its creation: fire, water and earth. Saint Spyridon said that "in the Holy Trinity, there are three persons, but only one God."

A close look at Saint Spyridon's hand in our college emblem reveals the three elements which together form one.

seen my easter basketz? iz lost.

Had he realized how hostile the congregation was, St. Spyridon might have reconsidered attempting to pass the collection basket.

Two years later St. Spyridon invented the basket handle and finally had a place to put his book.

@MikeKuypers - that's better than our caption!