In Da Heavenz...

Date: 4/24/2009

I iz in teh heavenz, distributin graisez

...Distributing Graces.

As a queen beside her Son, the King, Mary has tremendous powers to obtain graces for us.

Mary is the Mediatrix of grace. Saint Paul says that our Mediator is one - Jesus Christ who is the absolute Mediator; Mary is Mediatrix in union with and dependent upon Jesus, the Mediator.

Mediation is a way to unity. In means interposing oneself between two persons who are in disagreement in order to try to make them agree. In our case, we have the offended God and the guilty humanity. Jesus the Mediator has placed Himself between the two. The Mediator must be pleasing to both the offended and the offender. Jesus is pleasing to God because He Himself is God; and He is pleasing to humanity because besides being true God He also is true man.

Read more of this most excellent article on the Daughters of Saint Paul—Thailand website.

i can haz graisez, plz? i no been so good. :-( plz check yes or no. k bye, <3 u Good Mother muah. xoxo

Baby Jeezus say BooYAH! I haz lotz prety blond angelz!

I don't know what it is about that particular painting of Mary, but I just love it. I found it on Christmas cards one year and sent them out. I would definitely put it up on my wall if I found it in the Catholic bookstore nearby.