Date: 4/29/2009
Stiffarm... ur doin it rite!

...ur doin it rite!

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This image, presumably of the hemorrhaging woman touching Jesus' garment and being healed due to her faith, makes one ponder just what was happening in the woman's life, and why Jesus made it a point to single her out among the many who likely bumped into him on the crowded street.

This woman's account (from America magazine) is especially intriguing. What humiliation and suffering the woman must've gone through in her life. And how rewarding must her faith have been!

She trembled with fear, but Jesus only said, in his perceptive, succinct way, "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace."

All we have to do is touch him. Just the hem of his cloak. Touch Jesus, and the forces of life and love will stop seeping out of us; we will be restored to full spiritual health and vigor. Touch Jesus, and we will be sent forth, faithful, well, and in peace.

This looks more like an image of Mary Magdalen trying to touch Jesus in the garden after the Resurrection when He rebuked her and told her not to hold on to Him. Note the Angel in the empty tomb with the burial cloth...

Jesus didn't take notice of the woman who touched His hem until she had already withdrawn (and it took place in the midst of a large crowd).

You're absolutely right! Whoops. That's what you get when you forget to ask the saints for a little guidance in the writing of a post!

just kidding, of course Jesus never said or did that, is just the way this is depicted