Ur Wordz...

Date: 5/2/2009
Ur Wurdz... I eats dem. Benedict and Jeremiah

Nom nom nom.

Benedict, a saint known for the founding of monasticism in the western Church, lived in the 4th century. He grew up in a noble family, but grew tired of the large metropolis in Rome. He wanted to escape from the bustle and craziness of the city life, so he travelled to a smaller town (but with no intention of becoming a hermit).

As time went on, Benedict grew even more desirous of a quiet place, and eventually began taking on more manual labor and hardships in order to remain separate from the social life. Through a series of events, including an attempted assissination and many miracles, Benedict eventually wrote a series of rules (known as the "Rule of Saint Benedict") concerning the monastic life.

Those in the Order of Saint Benedict continue to follow these rules (more or less) to this day! Read more: Catholic Encyclopedia.


And the Rule is not merely for the OSB; many of the monastic orders use the Rule with minor variations.