I can haz cannonball?

Date: 5/26/2009
Mary the Ostra Brama - I can haz cannonball? Iz quite heavy.

Mary is now happy. She haz cannonball! Of course, she'd rather be holding Jesus... but that's besides the point. Thanks to all of you, readers and saint-submitters, we have collected the most prestigious Catholic blogging award since the ill-fated "Catholic Snipe Hunting" award!

That's right: LOLSaints is the winner of the "Best New Kid on the Block" category of the highly-acclaimed and much-ballyhooed 2009 Canonballs. Go and check out all the winners.

About the Image: Pictured above is Mary the Ostra Brama ("Gate of Dawn"), painted in the 17th century by an unknown Lithuanian artist. See more images like this on the blog A Byzantine in a Postmodern World.

Kongrachulasuns! Ur doin it rite!