Date: 5/26/2009
Angel of Harmony - Statue fail!

I can haz real wingz?

Seriously now, what the heck is going on here?? The above image was taken at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. The statue is entitled "Angel of Harmony," and was placed next to the Cathedral at some point early in this millennium. Interestingly, it grates on most everyone that's seen it up-close and personal... more like an angel of disharmony, if one is speaking strictly in terms of aesthetics.

Feelings aside, it seems this angel has it out for the kids, what with that sinister smile. And the poor guy can't even fly! It's too bad for him.

[UPDATE: We are sorry if this posting offends anyone affiliated with the creation or display of the statue; in the interest of not being shady and mysterious in removing content, we are leaving the post on the Internet, but we will remove it from the front page of LOLSaints.]

If you have any pictures of similarly disturbing or odd statues/artwork in and around your Church, why not submit an image of it? (You need to create an account first, if you haven't already).

Heeeeey! I live in St. Louis. I've seen that statue. It really is as creepy as it looks. And then the wind blows and the wind chimes start to jingle... Spooky.

Know what's even cooler? I know the people who donated the money for that statue. Suh-weet.


Can I haz . . .

Budweiser in cans made from statue?