Agnes... Meet Agnus

Date: 5/30/2009
Agnes, meet Agnus, the Lamb of God

The Lamb of God!

In the above image, we see Saint Agnes holding Agnus Dei—the Lamb of God. If you can recall, we had a picture earlier this month of Mary holding the Lamb of God... both figuratively and literally! Agnes is seen holding the Lamb of God in most artwork for two reasons: first, her love for Christ, and second, the fact that her name so closely resembles one of the most popular names by which we know Christ.

Agnes was known for her purity in the face of death; she refused to marry, giving herself to God, and the man who loved her was a bit put off. So he decided he'd find a way to have her killed. After she miraculously avoided public humiliation, and was miraculously saved from being burned at the stake, a soldier beheaded her.

A tradition surrounding the feast of Saint Agnes (on January 21) is the blessing of two lambs whose wool will be cut in order to make the pallium worn by a metropolitan archbishop.

Saint Agnes, ora pro nobis!