Saints Belongz to Us!

Date: 6/1/2009
All Ur Saints R Belongz to Us - the Holy Trinity

Dey belongz to the Trinity!

An explanation from St. John's Anglican Church (in Australia) of the above icon The Holy Trinity by Andre Rublev:

This icon takes as its subject the mysterious story where Abraham receives three visitors as he camps by the oak of Mamre. He serves them a meal. As the conversation progresses he seems to be talking straight to God, as if these 'angels' were in some way a metaphor for the three persons of the Trinity. In Rublev's representation of the scene, the three gold-winged figures are seated around a white table on which a golden, chalice-like bowl contains a roasted lamb. In the background of the picture, a house can be seen at the top left and a tree in the centre. Less distinctly, a rocky hill lies in the upper right corner. The composition is a great circle around the table, focussing the attention on the chalice-bowl at the centre, which reminds the viewer inescapably of an altar at Communion.

On one level this picture shows three angels seated under Abraham's tree, but on another it is a visual expression of what the Trinity means, what is the nature of God, and how we approach him. Reading the picture from left to right, we see the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The original tripletz

Nice lol!

I just submitted an "all your saints" caption (w/ different picture) and I knew I couldn't be the only one to have thought of that ;)

Ah, very good!