Pie in the Face

Date: 6/4/2009
Tobias runs to put fish guts on Tobit's eyes to heal them.

U iz grounded, son.

Anyone following the readings for this week will find this picture particularly interesting. If you haven't been following, you may want to look them up cause they are chock full of some great material (entertaining and spiritually helpful), like birds pooping on people while they sleep, a big argument between Tobit and his wife (as usual, the woman is right), and a young lady who plans to hang herself because of what someone said about her, then changes her mind for her family's honor.

Read the whole book here. God sure is a great author (ok, The Great Author)!

[Note: we also have another entertaining image of Tobit for your viewing pleasure, in case you haven't gotten enough of the guy in the daily readings! —Ed.]