I do magic!

Date: 4/24/2010
St. Paisius puts finger back on

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Help Please!

Date: 4/23/2010
Help Please I need a Large Can of Off! St. Anthony

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A few minor updates...

Since starting this website over a year ago, I have had some major projects going on that took up the time I was hoping to devote to this website. Luckily, I still have hundreds of images to post on the site—of course, the more people that submit saints, the easier job I have in getting them out to the public!

Since running the iPod Touch contest last year, the site has gone in and out of dormancy. This year's Canonball Awards have prompted me to take a look at this site, and start maintaining it a little more...

To that effect:

  • I have set the website to send users emails when their saints are published; hopefully this will let them more easily see when their saints are able to be viewed and loved by all!
  • I am working on making it easier for users to see their old saint postings, edit them, delete them, etc.
  • I have merged LOLSaints' Drupal codebase with my other personal sites, which will more or less guarantee that all these sites will be kept up-to-date and secure more easily than in the past.

And don't worry... you ain't seen nothin' yet, in terms of hilarious saints and saints that will make you want to become more holy!

Inexhaustible Chalice...

Date: 4/17/2010
Momee when I get out of here? Jesus in chalice with Mary

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St. Thomas Aquinas

Date: 3/24/2010
St. Thomas Aquinas - Amazon Kindle

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