Saints Peter and Paul

Date: 7/2/2010
Saints Peter and Paul - ready to read Twilight books

Got your crosses ready? Continue Reading »

Icons in Your Icons

Date: 6/18/2010
Various Saints - Icon in an Icon

Image in an Image! Continue Reading »

Original FAIL

Date: 6/14/2010
The Original Fail - Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

 An "apple" one day, took the garden away. Continue Reading »

A visa to heaven

Date: 5/11/2010
St. Francis of Assisi - Charge Cards on Window

Holy charges? Continue Reading »

My Awesome

Date: 5/7/2010
Try not to trip over my awesome - pope john paul ii

It is vast. Continue Reading »

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Cannonball Awards - 2010

Some crazy Cannonball lady has opened up voting for the 2010 Cannonballs...

Do you want to see more LOLSaints? Do you think we've been slacking around here a little bit? Let your voice be heard!

Vote for LOLSaints in the "Blog that Needs to be Updated More Often" category in the 2010 Cannonball Awards!

Michael Grounds Satan for Eternity

Date: 5/1/2010
and he was sent to bed without dinner - st. michael and devil satan statue

If all Satan got was a spanking he'd be getting off easy... Continue Reading »

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