CAPSHUN CONTEST - Jesus and Mary!

Date: 3/4/2009
Mary and Jesus - ur capshun goz here

Update: Winner was announced!

It's that time of the month! Submit your "capshun" for the picture below in this post's comments, and you'll be entered to win this month's prize. For all the juicy details, please click the 'Continue Reading' link under the picture:

Ur capshun... goz above!

This being the second capshun—er... caption—contest, you might start to get the hang of things... Here's how it works:

  1. You provide a creative caption for the above photo (it's Mary holding the baby Jesus, in case you were wondering) in the comments before 10 p.m. CDT, March 4 (tonight)
  2. will pick a winner after the comments are closed.

The winner will be receiving:

Hail Holy Queen plus Thumbs Up plus Link

  • Hail, Holy Queen — a wonderful book by Scott Hahn on the Blessed Virgin! (generously donated by Midwestern Mac, LLC)
  • The respect of the lolsaints community.
  • A link back to his blog/website (if the winner has one)

In order to get the prize, you will need to include a working email address in your comment (otherwise, we'll be unable to contact you regarding the prize; duh!). The easiest way to guarantee you'll be able to be contacted is to register a user account before leaving that comment :-)

Contest rules:

  • You may submit up to two entries in the same post - if you enter more than two entries, only the first two will be accepted.
  • All entries must be submitted by 10:00 p.m. CDT on March 4, 2009. At that point the contest will be closed, and no more entries will be accepted.
  • By submitting an entry, you are giving the right to use your entry on its website, atop the picture at the top of this page.
  • The winner will be selected before 7:00 p.m. CDT on the day following the contest (March 5, 2009), and will be notified by email. If the winner does not respond within one day of being contacted, the runner-up will be awarded the prize. If the runner-up is also unable to be contacted, the prize will be held until the next contest.
  •'s judgement is final.

So, please leave a comment below, and say a prayer to Saint Anthony that we'll find your capshuns humorous!

(Image was submitted by Maria—thank you!).

1. Mummy, this hot water bottle is REALLY hot.

2. Mummy, why is dis bogie green?

I can haz daiper changzed?

i'm in ur lap . . .

but ur notz impressed.

Mary sayz:

Ur turn. I changzed him lazt time.

Matur Dai sayz:

Gotz me full handz and full hart.

1. Sumtimez . . . life iz tuff ...

2. So I sayz 2 him I sayz . . .

In the OB/GYN offis
ponderin in her hart

Therese Z

hey Gawd, tel ur Son 2 stop changin us in2 wight folkz. iznt fuhny. k? plzthx.

Doz u not know they stuks a woope cushin undr me?

(LOL...I can't beat that.)

"Doz u not know they stuks a woope cushin undr me?"

(LOL...I can't beat that.)

iz u lisenin 2 me mama?

Mary says:

who r theze ladiez N Y R they in my houz?

i may b Son of God....

but i still needz nummies.

"I'm holding my Creator in my lap, and I'm bored? Why?

You want to save them too?

Momz I iz dis manyz years oldz

We waz from de Nazarthz why iz everyonez dressed like British folkz

In-lawz r noizy....can't sleep

Itz Okee doekee momz...cuz i got z whole world in my handz

Mama needz mor sleepz.

Mama, r u lizenin 2 me?

I have two.

  1. Biblical Day Carez: Epic FAIL!
  2. Baby Jeezus Don't Like Whoopee Cushionz.

I'll make Jerusalem an offer... they can't refuse.

Now why DID I say yes to this? Kids no fun. I no care about having saviour.

[Editor: Hmmm....]

a pot of strawng cofee iz the myracle ah need Jeeziz

mom! mommy! mama! Theotokos!!

mumma! gotz milk?

sittin herez

count yer nose hairs

"By God, I thinkz I'z gotz it!"

ai haz incarnaishun?
mommie sez it! in-car-nai-shun

I kno! Iz 3!


I'z in ur lap

tryin to spell Thay... Thayo. . . Godzmom


Can u say

Artistik Liburteez?

Fokus Mama! God iz talkin 2 U!

Plz... let thiz be hz last lekchur 2day!

Even partees wif da Holy Family haf their dull moments.

Once u bear the Son of God, ur not easily ammused.



I can haz
whooppee cushun?


Don'tcha wish ur baybee was
God made flesh like mine?

purfect baiby... i haz it

Diz iz one heck of a child!
Mommy, snap out of it!

No rly, mai sun > your son.

No rly, mai sun > ur sun

Mamma mia!

Thtz sum gd liebfraumilch

no miraclez until i getz fed!

silly Mary,
naps r for normal babeez!

1. Neks time, shudn't say "fiat" when dey aks 4 day care vollunteerz.

2. Mudder uf Gawd needz coffee mirukul plz. / Momz, u gots 2 wait a liddl longer 4 mirukul, k?


Diz widdle piggee had rozbif...

1. Cheer up, Mum, weez gotz faith biggur than dis musturd seed.

2. Pweez, let me do juzt won widdle mirucul?

Mary: who r all these ppl? i told U can not H4z partee Jesuz!
Jesus: plz not 2 spank...i r son of God!

1) I iz Son o God Gues Wut Dat Maek Her...

2) I iz Wizdom, Mom is gud Seet.