I can haz doubt?

Date: 2/27/2009
I haz doubts - Thomas the Apostle sketch

Are you a doubting Thomas?

St. Thomas the Apostle often gets a bad rap. He wasn't with the other Apostles the first time Jesus came to visit, and he didn't trust their word when they told him Jesus had appeared to them. He should get a little sympathy, you know? Who of us reading this post have never once had doubts in our faith? "Let him without sin throw the first stone!"

We don't know a whole lot about Thomas, but I think we can at least recognize ourselves in Thomas. Jesus exhorts us through Thomas, "Blessed are they who have not seen, but still believe." I'm guessing that, besides seeing Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist, most of us have not seen Jesus in the flesh. To have faith is a great blessing! And I'm sure Thomas' faith was strengthened through Jesus' reprimand.

St. Thomas the Apostle on Catholic Encyclopedia.

maybe, more like, I can haz a very long chin!

...or I can has  iBrow tweezerz

We call him the doubting Apostle and, in many ways, rightly so.
Yet, he is the only person in the New Testament to make such bold claim about Jesus' divinity, saying "My Lord and my God."

Pax Christi.

@J1Militans - quite true! Never has the faith been proclaimed quite so boldly.