He he takez rib?

Date: 5/17/2011
Jesus missing rib?

No no no... this is the New Adam! Continue Reading »

Jeezus Pinyata

Date: 4/26/2011
Wat?! No candee insid?

No, Thomas... the wounds of Christ! Continue Reading »

St Thomas

Date: 7/17/2009
Wear blue robe he sez... won't get tangled he sez... Thomas the Apostle

Thomas the Apostle, also called Doubting Thomas or Didymus (meaning "Twin"), was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is best known for disbelieving Jesus' resurrection when first told of it, then proclaiming "My Lord and my God" on seeing Jesus in John 20:28. He was perhaps the only Apostle who went outside the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel. He also crossed the largest area, which includes the Persian Empire and India.

Stop That!

Date: 7/13/2009
Thomas touches Jesus' side - tickle tickle.

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I knowz Jesus' tickle spotz! Continue Reading »

I can haz doubt?

Date: 2/27/2009
I haz doubts - Thomas the Apostle sketch

Are you a doubting Thomas? Continue Reading »

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